Thursday, February 28, 2013

On This Day, Four Years Ago

February 28, 2009 is when Michael and I got married...making today our fourth anniversary!
It was an amazing day.  Even though I know there were some things that didn't go quite perfectly, looking back I always think about that day as my perfect wedding day.  (These pictures aren't really in order....which you can kinda tell...but I uploaded them from my phone so they came in a weird random order.)
We look so much younger!  And slimmer....and less tired, haha.  This was a shot from our reception.
Our vows....the sweet priest who married us did such a good job....sadly he passed away shortly after Sophia was born.  I definitely miss him, he was the priest I grew up with and I imagined him baptizing all our babies.  I am so glad that he was the priest that married us and that we have such good memories with him. 
I love this picture of us during our first dance. 
Cutting our delicious cake.  We need to track that lady down and have her make us some more cakes (actually we did on our first anniversary, haha). 
During the looks like a very sweet moment...I think we were just talking.  :-)
Either just before or just after our first kiss...
And some kissing after the ceremony! 
For past anniversaries we have planned ahead and either stayed overnight somewhere and had a dinner out somewhere nice or taken the whole day to spend together (you can read about years two and three here and here).  This year we really didn't have any plans.  I have just started feeling ok again but with our anniversary falling on a Thursday I figured I would be pretty tired (given that after three days with my preschool class, in addition to my own 2 year old, I'm exhausted to no end every week by this point) and by the time Michael actually made it home from work it would be too hard to go out and do anything.  But within the last couple of days, we decided that we would go to this Japanese restaurant (Kani, near the mall) for dinner with Sophia and celebrate as a family.  It turned out to be a great plan and we had a LOT of fun together.  With each year that passes, we grow as a couple and this year we will even grow as a family while our wedding anniversary is about us and the day we got's also about the life and the family we have built and the changes that we have gone through since that wedding day.  Four years probably doesn't seem that long (and in the scheme of things it really isn't) but so much has changed since that day.  We added Sophia to our family.  We moved into a new house.  Both Michael and I have started new/different jobs.  We are expecting a second child this year.  And sure, those are some big changes.  Each has its challenges that we have had to learn to deal with...which makes us stronger as a married couple.  I imagine our life will be filled with a lot more challenges and changes and I feel certain that I am with the person I am supposed to be with to make it through every one of them.  I am lucky to have an amazing husband who loves me and our daughter and our new baby on the way.  He loves our family.  And I do too.  I had no idea where we would be today on our wedding day four years ago.  But I knew that I would be with the perfect person for me during those four years...and the next four and ten and twenty and however many more years.  I loved our little celebration wasn't extravagant (like some years have been and others might be in the future) but it was just perfect.  Like our wedding day!  :-)

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